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Fringillia story by Renzo Esuperanzi

It was the 80s, I was looking at bird exhibitions and more seriously ornithology. I began to discover a whole new world through Italia Ornitologica and the first serious breeders I was able to meet. I still remember the emotion at the first sight of the Goulds of Settimio Coacci who, for me, was the gateway to the world of true ornithoculture. By attending the breeding of Settimio I was able to see various Estrildidae live, the first exotic Finches (yellow-breasted greenfinch, black-headed siskin, oriental greenfinch, and red siskin) as well as the indigenous Finches that I had never seen because they do not live in the area where I live. Among these, to be the master for the number of specimens, the Common redpoll, the Bullfinches, and the Greenfinch were twice the size of those I was used to observe.


Fringillia the emotion of being there by Francesco Stuppello

Although everything is ready, the hand of the alarm clock that will have to wake me is always positioned at 4.00 in the morning, but as always, it will not have time to ring, because I have been awake for quite a while, like those children who have to go on a school trip. I am immersed in the many thoughts that fantasize about what will be the next adventure lived in Fringillia, and as always I will block her (the alarm clock) five minutes before she rings …


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